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Hot Tub Bacteria

Hot tubs offer a luxurious retreat, but a potential threat lurks in their bubbling waters: hot tub bacteria.

These inviting services can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria despite their inviting warmth if not correctly maintained.

From Legionella to Pseudomonas, these microorganisms can cause various health issues, including skin infections and respiratory problems.

Understanding the risks associated with hot tub bacteria is crucial for ensuring a safe and enjoyable soak.

Let’s explore how to keep your hot tub pristine and free from harmful pathogens.

Bacterial Infections From Hot Tubs

Bacteria in your hotel hot tubs can often be harmful as they cause several issues like…

  • Rashes on the skin or in the eyes
  • Legionella infections 
  • Allergic reactions and more.

Bacteria and microbes can grow ferociously and leave a bad reputation for your hotel.

Thus, it is essential to maintain specific preventative measures to eliminate any traces of hot tub bacteria while allowing guests to enjoy a soothing experience.

Preventing Bacteria Buildup In Hot Tubs

Some preventative measures include simply a visual inspection to check for slime, algae, or foul odours produced by bacteria.

In the initial stage, you will discover what needs to be done.

Clean Or Replace The Filter

A filter keeps contaminants from the water, be it dirt, debris, body lotion or other irritants.

Replacing the filter after one year of usage or when it is in bad condition is recommended.

If the filter isn’t bad, it can be cleaned. Use a filter cleaner, pour it in 8 gallons of water or otherwise specified and keep the filter overnight. Rinse it the next day, and it should be ready to use as usual.

Give Your Hot Tub A Shock Treatment

Sometimes, a shock treatment using chlorine can do the trick.

Fill Dichlor chlorine in a bucket of water.

The recommended quantity used is…

  • 4¾ tablespoons for 100 gallons
  • 3/4 cup for 250 gallons
  • 1½ cups for 500 gallons and 3 cups for 1,000-gallon tubs.

After the solution is ready, pour it into the hot tub and settle. Drain the water and run some more to rinse it.

By the end of the process, your hot tub should be bacteria-free.

Ask Guest to Shower Before Using The Tub

For example, when entering a pool, you can recommend your guests shower before entering the hot tub as a preventative measure.

This would prevent dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants from entering the hot tub.

As an additional measure, place our Protocol K-760 lotion hand soap by the tub to ensure your guests’ hands are super clean or our hand sanitizer for added protection.

Remember To Maintain Regularly

Hot tubs require regular maintenance, just like pools.

As a hotel owner, there are specific pointers that you should remember.

Clean the hot tub every three to four months, irrespective of buildup. You can use Eliminator 42 for disinfecting the surfaces. Additionally, use sanitizers with bromine or chlorine weekly to keep the water clean.

Don’t forget to wear gloves during the clean-up to prevent picking up any traces of bacteria.

Also, you can go with our Peroxi 3 to sanitize the surfaces properly.

Controlling Bacteria In Spa Water

Are you looking for chemical solutions for hot tub cleaning? 

Cleanios Corporation has been dealing with cleaning solutions for years, offering high-octane disinfection and sanitizing solutions for pools and hot tubs.

Our extensive list of products can be used across varied industries, be it daycare, laundry, food service, hospitality or fitness facilities, to name a few.

Contact us with your queries, and we shall happily assist you with the best deployment and maintenance solutions for your control of spa water.


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