Hospitality and Housekeeping

For all of your hospitality and housekeeping needs, with our wide array of products, we can provide you with the tools to keep your suites looking pristine.

Carpet Care – Tackle any types of spots and stains to achieve a deep clean with our wide range of products.

Floor Care – Multi-surface floor cleaners and floor renewal products.

Restroom CareSanitization and disinfection products to ensure the highest hygiene standards, including glass and mirror cleaners.



Hospitality and Housekeeping - Image of a Washing machine

Let us help you identify the ‘gaps’ in your hotel laundry needs.

With over 35 years of team experience in chemical automation and laundry equipment, we have provided individualized, comprehensive, effective, and cost-saving solutions for customers from the most basic to highly complex laundry configurations.

Our customers benefit from reduced water consumption and energy usage, streamlined production, and linen that last longer, cleaner, and pH-optimized.

With the rising demand for environmentally conscious laundering solutions, Cleanios is proud to offer environmentally-friendly products that are also CFIA-approved.


Pool & Spa

Hospitality and Housekeeping-Image of a swimming pool from a hotel

Pool & Spa Sanitation

Our complete water balancing solutions utilize 24/7 automated control and delivery of sanitizer and pH chemicals, that will ensure your pool and spa chemistry is continuously optimized for the safety, comfort, and pleasure of your guests.


Restaurant & Bar

Achieve a consistently clean, healthy, and safe foodservice environment with our CFIA-approved products and automated chemical solutions.


Hand, Body, and Hair Care Products

High-quality personal care products for infection prevention to daily-use hand, body, and hair care needs.

Let us help you design and deliver what you need to ensure your cleaning is done easily and properly the first time with housekeeping and janitorial products good for any section of your business operations.

Our expertise will ensure you never have to second guess and can count on us for the highest of resource and service for all of your hotel cleaning needs.

Reach out today on solutions for all of your hotel cleaning needs.

The Cleanios Team