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5 Top Solutions Of Cleanios Corporation

Welcome to an exploration of innovation and excellence with Cleanios Corporation, where cleanliness meets cutting-edge solutions.

The company stands as a beacon of reliability in a world where hygiene and efficiency are paramount.

This article will delve into the 5 top solutions offered by Cleanios Corp, showcasing our commitment to revolutionizing cleanliness standards across various industries.

From advanced chemical formulations to state-of-the-art mechanical solutions, we provide comprehensive and practical answers to your cleaning challenges.

Let’s journey through what makes Cleanios Corporation an industry leader pursuing cleanliness and hygiene excellence.

1)  Concentrated Disinfectant Cleaners

Cleanios offers high-grade concentrated disinfectant cleaners for clean and healthy surfaces to wipe off viruses, fungi or bacteria prevalent on any surface.

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Concentrated Disinfectant

One of our first choices is a product called Eliminator 42.

This chloride-based degreaser is explicitly designed as a general non-acid cleaner and disinfectant in many places such as hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, schools and more.

The Lemon-scented disinfectant also deodorizes the areas that emit unpleasant odours, such as garbage bins, toilet bowls, and other sites prone to odours caused by micro-organisms.

2) Concentrated Surface Sanitizers

Peroxide 3 is our concentrated hydrogen peroxide line of surface sanitizers you can use to clean and sanitize surfaces.

It can be diluted for everyday cleaning or used to spot heavy stains.

Top Solutions Of - Feature image of the Cleanios concentrated Sanitizers in 3 different sizes

Concentrated Sanitizers

Peroxide 3 disinfects non-porous surfaces such as doors, walls, metal and stainless steel surfaces, porcelain, glazed ceramic tile plastic surfaces, bathrooms, shower stalls, bathtubs, cabinets and pool areas.

This concentrated disinfectant cleaner is also effective against Feline Calicivirus and ARS-CoV-2.

3) Hand Soaps

We provide two types of high-quality hand soap – lotion and foam.

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Lotion Hand Soap-K-760

Lotion hand soaps are exceptionally mild, Ecologoapproved, and designed for our hand soap dispensers.

These readily biodegradable cleaners are tough on dirt but leave the skin smooth to the touch.

These hand soaps do not contain dyes, fragrances or preservatives that can irritate sensitive skin.

Foam hand soaps are much like lotion hand soaps designed for use in schools, restaurants, shops, public facilities, offices, and more.

4) Alcohol Hand Sanitizers

Cleanios introduces a new line of USP-grade alcohol hand sanitizers that kill germs and bacteria on your skin.

They also help prevent the growth or spread of germs on your hands.

This solution is safe for nursing mothers and people under 18.

5) Automated Solutions

To mitigate any possibility of cross-contaminations, we deploy automated solutions for various applications, from simple hand dispensers to complex full-scope automation.

Touch-Free Dispensers

Top Solutions Of - Feature image of the Cleanios Touch Free Dispensers-image showing touch free use.

Touch Free Dispensers

Our Touch-Free Hand Dispensers can be attached to walls or be free mounting.

You can fill these dispensers with hand soap or sanitizers, and they provide a soap level indicator or liquid level check, which is excellent for public bathrooms and Hotel lobbies.

Laundry Systems

Top Solutions Of - Image of the women shopping in our Cleanios store.

We offer an on-location chemical dosing system for hotels, senior care centres or commercial laundry centres. These chemical dosing systems can dispense 1 to 10 chemicals with an appropriately tested flow rate.

They are efficient, effective, time-saving, and leave a small footprint.

Reach out to Cleanios Corporation for a healthy and clean environment for your business premises.

Our products have been tested and perfected through years of research.

Call us today.


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