Cleanios offers a wide range of foodservice cleaning solutions to ensure a safe and clean environment and experience for your customers and staff.

Our cleaning products are of the highest quality to allows for the best efficiency and effectiveness.

Here are some examples of the key products we carry:

Manual Dish Detergent 

Foodservice-feature image of a man cleaning dishes in a industrial restaurante.

Foodservice Dish Chemical Supplies

This premium liquid dish detergent is designed for all foodservice and manual cleaning procedures. It is an excellent choice for washing dishes, glasses, silverware, trays, pots, pans, and utensils.

It contains a blend of highly active wetting agents that provide very fast and thorough soil penetration plus emulsification of fats and oils. It is very mild to use and features a fresh lemon fragrance. CFIA approved.


Scale And Oxide Remover

Foodservice -An image of a Clean drinking glass coming out of a dishwasher

Foodservice Glassware Chemical Cleaning Supplies

This phosphoric acid oxide and scale remover are used to quickly remove scale and/or oxidation build-up from a variety of surfaces. It is an excellent choice for recirculation cleaning of dish machines, removing mineral deposits from coffee makers, ice machines, and laboratory glassware as well as general removal of hard water mineral deposits, CFIA approved.


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The Cleanios Team