Best Carpet Cleaner Products

Elevate your business standards with our curated list of the best carpet cleaner products.

A clean and inviting environment is paramount for guest satisfaction, and we’ve narrowed down the top solutions to keep your carpets pristine.

Why It Matters

Immaculate carpets contribute to a positive guest experience.

Explore these top-notch solutions tailored for industry, designed to tackle high-traffic areas and maintain a fresh ambiance throughout your business’s environment.

Our top 3 picks and recommendations ensure cleanliness and longevity for your carpeting, making a lasting impression on every visitor.

Enzyme Digester

Best Carpet Cleaner Products-Image of the Enzyme Digester

Enzyme Digester Available in 12×1/4×4 & 20 Ltr Sizes

This product is a liquid, cherry-scented concentrate of
specially selected bacterial strains combined with free

These enzyme catalysts work synergistically
for the fastest action available in a liquid digester.

This product digests and removes stains caused by oil, grease,
starch, and urine.

It offers instant masking of odours, while the bio-enzymatic formulation permanently
eliminates the source of the odours.

Extraction Cleaner

Best Carpet Cleaner Products-Image of the Extraction Cleaner

Extraction Cleaner Available in 12×1/4X4 & 20Ltr Sizes

This tangerine-scented, heavy-duty carpet cleaner is
designed for hot water extraction equipment use.

As a result of the short contact time with the carpet, this product
is tailored to be highly fast-acting.

Its unique blend of builders quickly binds and sequesters soils, leaving
carpets clean and vibrantly bright.


Best Carpet Cleaner Products-Image of the TLC

TLC is Available in 12 x1/4×4 & 20 Ltr Sizes

This unique chemical blend is designed as a versatile pre-treatment

that will loosen and emulsify the most stubborn ground in soils.

It can also be used as a routine maintenance product for surface cleaning with a yarn
bonnet or synthetic carpet pad.

Added Benefits

Quick-drying formulas

Stain removal efficacy

Long-lasting freshness

Safe for guests and the environment

Investing in the best carpet cleaning solutions is an investment in your business’s reputation.

Discover the perfect balance of cleanliness and comfort with our carefully selected recommendations.

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