Fitness Facilities

So to ensure you are operating your fitness facilities at their highest operational capacity when it comes to a clean healthy environment.

Cleanios carries…

Hand Soaps, Sanitizers & Lotions

Fitness Facilities -An Image of a person washing their hands with soap

Personal Care

Cleanios offer a wide variety of liquid or foaming hand soaps along with USP grade alcohol hand sanitizers and lotions keeping your guest and staff happy safe and healthy.

With our sleek dispenser, your personal care is simply effective and efficient.

Ask us about our full product line of personal care products.

Disinfectants, Glass & Surface Cleaners 

Fitness Facilities -An image of a women disinfecting a surface in an bathroom environment.

Restroom Care

Having the right disinfectants for your business will help to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, such as the COVID-19.

Our lemon-scented,  ammonium chloride-based detergent/disinfectant is designed for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and food processing plants.

This product deodorizes those areas which are generally difficult to keep fresh smelling, such as garbage bins, toilet bowls, and any other areas prone to odors caused by micro-organisms.

Carpet & Floor Cleaners

Fitness Facilities -A Image of a machine cleaning a carpet

Carpet Care

Cleanios is working alongside you and your business to create a superior guest environment.

Nothing says great management more than clean floors and carpets in and out of the guest rooms.

Let us know how we can set a higher standard and help give your guest a quality experience.

We have a full line of carpet care products to meet the standards you expect in your business.

Ask us how we would be happy to help.

Cleanios is proud to offer a portfolio of housekeeping and personal care products that are environmentally friendly, and CFIA approved.

The Cleanios Team