On-Location Laundry Chemical Dosing System

The BrightLogic On-Location Automated Laundry Systems for chemical dosing has a system that can dispense from 1 to 10 chemicals with a flow rate of up to 10oz* per minute.

automated laundry systems- Feature Image

4 Pump On-Premise Automated Chemical Dosing System

The small footprint double pump head is efficient, effective, and space-saving.

Acceptable for washing machines both intelligent and non-intelligent, up to 75 lbs.

Can be used with a formula select programmer or in relay mode.

The automated laundry systems for chemical dosingĀ  are available in 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 pump versions,

automated laundry systems- First Image -6 pump

6 Pump On-Premise Automated Chemical Dosing System

Diaphragm Pumps

The BrightLogic Diaphragm pump is designed to deliver an excellent consistent flow rate, even with products that are highly viscous.

automated laundry systems- Diaphragm pump- image 3

Diaphragm Pump

The automated laundry systems for the BrightLogic Diaphragm pump are also available in multiple add-on versions.

automated laundry systems- Diaphragm pump- image 4

Diaphragm Pump with add ons

The Diaphragm Pump allows for an easy upgrade and pump range.

It has the flexibility and opportunity to mix and match up to 10 pumps for a truly versatile chemical dosing system.

Q10+ With Remote Dosing System

For smaller automation requirements we have the new Quantura Q10+ Remote Dosing system.

This single peristaltic pumping system is ideal for dosing one chemical on top load laundry units.

automated laundry systems- image 5

Quantura Q10+ with Remote Dosing

Easy to install and configure, it uses tube fittings for reliability and consistency, making this an ideal dosing solution.

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The Cleanios Team

*Flow rate tested with water using BrightChem at 100% speed, under laboratory conditions