Warewashing Equipment by American Dish Service

With over 50 years in business and 150 Active Design Patents, ADS has made durable, long-lasting commercial warewashing equipment for decades.

From its initial creation of the Chemical Sanitizing Low-Temperature dishwasher, the company has expanded its line to include Conveyors, Undercounters, Glasswashers and more.

Leaders In The Industry

As Industry leaders, they are committed to product line innovation while focusing on simplicity, service and dependability.

Field Tested

The best-in-class new designs come from their client’s needs and the advice from their techs working with the equipment daily.

Tested in the field, their machines are respected by dealers and end-users alike.

Conveyor Dish Machines

Save time, person-hours and hidden costs with our conveyor dish machines equipped with specific features to operate effectively and efficiently.


Warewashing Equipment- Image of a ADC-66 conveyer industrial dish washer

Image of an ADC-66 conveyor dish machine courtesy of ADS


• High-temp or low-temp models with left or right operation
• Fully automatic with no operator controls; just insert racks
• Consumes less than half a gallon of water per rack
• Dual rinsing system with “water curtain”
• Two-stage drain/pump filter for reduced clogged jets
• High-capacity built-in booster heaters
• Full load washing /244 racks per hour capacity
• Fast – 75 seconds per cycle
• Rotating spray arm
• Divided manual carousel
• Load, unload and wash simultaneously with automatic power prewash
• Power scrap tank with ADS “Clean” technology
• Overflow scrapping

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Undercounter Dish Machines

Ideal for compact kitchen and bar spaces, the under-counter high-temp dish machines wash dishes with minimal noise.

Warewashing Equipment- Image of a HUB-40 Undercounter Dish cleaner

Image of a HUB-40 compact under-counter high-temp dishwasher-Courtesy of ADS


• “Extenda-Cycle” – This feature extends the cycle time to ensure 180°F/82°C final rinse
Universal power – 208-240 volt and single to three phase field convertible
Smooth start – for protection from breakage
• Noise-reducing double wall design
• Complete cycle time 90 seconds with built-in booster heater

Glasswashing Dish Machines

With a carousel’s convenience and the dish machine’s cleaning power, the ASQ II glasswasher is robust.

It delivers loads of spot-free glasses, saving energy, water and chemicals.

Warewashing Equipment- Image of a ASQ II Glasswasher

The ASQ II Glasswasher -Image courtesy of ADS


Fast – only 75 seconds per cycle
• Rotating spray arm
• Divided manual carousel
• Load, unload and wash simultaneously with a 20 amp, 115 volt electrical supply
• Full 19″ door opening with Over / Undershelf

We have commercial equipment to meet every need — from sanitizing dinnerware to cleaning aerospace parts, with warewashing products that exceed every sanitation safety requirement.

Technical Support Services

Dealers and Distributors can access experts ready to help you troubleshoot and solve commercial dish machine repairs on the fly.

Customer Parts Support

Clients can order replacement parts by phone or email and receive personalized assistance from our customer service representatives.

Leasing Programs

Explore our commercial dish machine leasing options to suit all of your business needs.

Product Documentation

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