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Practices In Your Resturante For Added Clean

Enhancing Footfall At Your Eatery

The ambiance and food are undoubtedly the deciding factors of a restaurant’s success.

However, cleanliness, maintenance and safety are equally important to the customers.

Customers often come to restaurants with their family and friends and don’t want their beloved ones to fall sick or spend time in low-quality environments. Therefore, restaurants should be spick and span at all times.

Here are some proven practices in your restaurant to maintain cleanliness and increase footfall:

Keep Surfaces Stain-free

If not cleaned properly, your serving tables and seating areas will have food stains and leftovers that attract flies and bacteria and look unclean.

Cleanios Corporation provides stain removal products such as Grease Out and Ink Out.

The former consists of citrus that can remove tar, oil and grease, while the latter has acetone that can remove ink or paint from surfaces and fabrics.

These are the best solutions to maintain a stain-free environment while ensuring cleanliness.

Disinfect Spaces

The constant to and fro in a restaurant makes areas prone to infection.

It is critical to disinfect all the restaurant spaces to enhance safety.

Concentrated disinfectant cleaners will always work for this purpose.

They consist of ammonium chloride designed to kill germs, bacteria and viruses.

You can use these cleaners to disinfect bathrooms, floors, cabinets, etc., as this DIN-registered solution can be used daily and comes in concentrated forms to save on company costs.

Maintain Washroom Spaces

In restaurants, hundreds of people use the washroom every day, making it dirty and unsanitary.

This can be a huge turn-off for your customers and unhealthy for the environment.

Concentrated surface sanitizers are designed to tackle this issue.

They consist of hydrogen peroxide and are used to clean hard surfaces.

This solution has multi-purpose uses; you can clean bathroom surfaces, glass, stainless steel, tiles, etc.

Moreover, the sanitizers can be mixed into your daily cleaning routine, so the restaurant’s washroom remains hygienic 24/7.

Keep The Air Fresh

The smell of food and other different odours can overwhelm the customers.

Using Sprays to neutralize the smell in the air and keep the air fresh and healthy is often necessary.

Our Fresh In Spray neutralizes odours of animals, humans, food, etc., smells excellent, and doubles as a deodorizer.

You can use these Spray deodorizers daily as they are safe and ensure the well-being of your customers and staff.

Ensure Customer Safety

You don’t want your customers to spread or get infected by viruses.

Keeping hand sanitizers at the entry and exit points and in the washroom can enhance the safety of your environment.

For this purpose, Touch-free dispensers with USP-grade hand sanitizers minimize human touch-points and eliminate the chances of spreading diseases.

These sanitizers are safe for kids and nursing mothers, and the dispensers’ looks add to the restaurant’s overall attention to detail.

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Boosting Patronage At Your Restaurant

The abovementioned practices will elevate your restaurant’s ambiance, standards and boost patronage.

Such safe spaces also make customers more comfortable and make them choose your restaurant over others.

Choose Cleanios Corporation’s cleaning agents to help you create an atmosphere that caters to your customers and naturally increases footfall


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