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Cleaning in Senior Care Facilities

A senior care facility holds a prestigious but vulnerable population.

Older adults at age facilities get the support they deserve in a safe environment where staff members maintain high care and operational standards.

One such area is keeping the facility clean; this is significant because any virus or bacteria could create havoc.

Cleanios Corporation provides top-grade chemical cleaning solutions to many industry sectors across Canada, including age care.

Here’s more on the Importance of Cleaning in Senior Care Facilities.

Cleaning High Traffic Surfaces

At a senior care facility, there are a lot of high-touch or high-contact surfaces that the seniors have access to. 

These surfaces are an excellent environment for bacteria to inhabit and thrive, causing a threat to the housed-age population in minor and significant outbreaks.

Cleaning these surfaces with the right products and procedures ensures that no one comes into contact with these microbes, thus maintaining a high level of hygiene.

Ensuring A Proper Standard

Government authorities have a distinct standard for senior care facilities that must be met in all areas of operation, including cleanliness, not just the looks of the facility.

A clean environment ensures no potential for infection or the likelihood of coming in contact with contaminants.

That’s where our intelligent solutions come into play, with the latest automation and customized processes.

Ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness is integral to any facility that houses seniors who may have lower immunity, and our products exceed operational or industry standards.

Maintaining An Overall Healthy Environment

Senior Care Facilities- Feature image of a smiling senior in a home

Proper and timely cleaning fumigates any irritants.

It goes a long way for the housed-aged population, staff, and visitors, ensuring a healthy living and workspace for everyone.

It is not just about looking good; the facilities should feel confident in their environment.

Preventing Infections In Senior Care

Prevention of infections and more is something you can achieve with the chemical cleaning solutions from Cleanios Corporation, a leading company with 35+ years of experience.

Contact us; we will equip you with solutions tailored to your business needs.


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