Safety and hygiene are the priorities of any health or animal care clinic.

Patients and pets with various illnesses and diseases come to get treatment, and if the clinic is not maintaining hygienic standards, the added risks can be scary.

The cleaning agents you use are vital in keeping the center up to standards. They should effectively clean blood stains, sanitize multiple touch points and neutralize any foul odours.

Cleanios Corporation provides automated cleaning solutions that effectively ensure the patrons’ safety and well-being.

Here’s a guide to using our products to maintain a clean and healthy environment in your healthcare clinics or veterinarian hospitals.

Disinfect The Clinic

Disinfecting your clinic or veterinarian hospital is mandatory to minimize the risk of spreading infection and illness to pets or people.

Cleanios Corporation provides a concentrated disinfectant formulated product that uses ammonium-chloride, effectively killing 99% of germs, fungi and bacteria.

You can use this in infection-prone areas such as doors, walls, stainless steel surfaces, seating areas, etc.

Moreover, this cleaning agent is DIN registered and is placed on the Government Health list of recommended products for disinfecting environments.

Keep Sanitizers At The Entry Point

People and pets come to the clinics with various infections that can be transmitted.

This makes it essential to keep sanitization at the entry point of a clinic or animal hospital.

Cleanios Corporation provides Touch-Free Dispensers and Hand Sanitizers that function automatically, minimizing human touchpoints.

Our Gel Hand Sanitizers are pharmaceutical grade and can be used with children under 18 and nursing mothers.

Using our products eliminates the chances of spreading germs and bacteria in your clinics.

Clean Carpets And Floors

The massive footfall of patients, pets and kids will naturally make the carpets and floors dirty. Dust, dirt, and animal fur can make the patients uncomfortable and even vulnerable to allergens, ultimately affecting your business.

To tackle this issue, Cleanios Corporation provides concentrated surface sanitizers that thoroughly clean and sanitize the floors and carpets. They consist of hydrogen peroxide, which is strong and effective enough to kill germs.

These cleaning agents can be applied from seating room floors and toilets to doors and glass surfaces.

Use Stain Removal Agents

Be it an operation or tooth extraction, bloodstains on surfaces can spread deadly infections and diseases when in contact with other patients. However, getting rid of these stains can be challenging.

Cleanios Corporation provides ‘Blood Out,’ a solution that effortlessly removes blood stains from porous surfaces and fabrics. It oxidizes bloodstains and makes the surfaces clean, hygienic and stain-free.

Spray Deodorizers

The smell of clinics or veterinarian hospitals can make some patients uncomfortable. Also, the chances of infection and germs lingering in the air can be due to the heavy footfall of patients & pets.

To deal with these and other foul smells, Cleanios Corporation provides spray deodorizers that neutralize the odours of humans, medicines, animals, etc. This will make the room breathable and comfortable for patients.

Healthcare centers, clinics and Vet hospitals are heavily prone to deadly infections. This makes it essential to use advanced cleaning agents and advanced automation. Cleanios Corporation offers individualized end-to-end chemical solutions that cater to industries specific requirements. Contact us for a specialized approach to your needs.


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