If you work in hospitality, food service, fitness or healthcare facility, or any other business where you must attend to customers, public restrooms or washroom facilities are a must-have.

It is a universal need and can change someone’s perspective of your business.

A 5-star hotel with a shabby washroom would make its reputation take a plunge, while a fast-food restaurant with a clean and tidy restroom can uplift its image.

A good washroom experience can translate into better customer service; no one forgets a business with a clean restroom, and it certainly goes a long way by enhancing hygiene.

Let’s check out how you can provide the best washroom experience for your guests and customers.

Keep It Clean to Use

You need to have a clean washroom for the customers and guests to attend to. 

That’s a priority and a challenge to maintain, given that people use restrooms several times a day. 

Our floor and restroom care products, including Peroxi 3 and Eliminator 42, can help sanitize and disinfect washrooms while giving them a pleasant scent. 

Ensure Hygiene

People nowadays give a lot of importance to hygiene in a public restroom. You can tap into the mindset of these visitors simply by making sure the facility is highly sanitized and hygienic 24/7. 

Products such as Eliminator 42 can help neutralize any microbial threat that may harvest on the various surfaces. With this, your establishment can tackle both hygiene-related issues and probably avoid any recurring COVID-like situations. 

Alternatively, you can use products like Protocol K-760 hand lotion and Protocol K-750 foaming hand lotions for washroom facilities. Cleanios Corporation has a lineup of all these hygiene products that abide by eco certifications and are environmentally friendly with CFIA approval. 

You can also choose alcohol hand sanitizers made up of 70% ethyl alcohol with NPN certification that ensures that all the products in your washroom are of top quality.

Add a Whiff of a Pleasant Aroma

No one likes a room with an unpleasant aroma, let alone a washroom. 

We don’t personally walk into a smelly restroom, and that’s what your customers would experience if you don’t keep it pleasantly aromatic. 

To combat foul smells in the washroom, you can opt for Eliminator 42 to deodorize garbage bins, toilet bowls, and other areas prone to odours caused by micro-organisms. 

Our Fresh In spray deodorizer also chemically neutralizes odours on various surfaces associated with humans, animals, food, chemical processes, and smoke. 

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